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Ricky Keeler – Ricky is a sophomore at St. John’s University majoring in sports management. He is from New York City. His past works include working on sites for college basketball, college football and co-hosted the Sports Marauders on Blog Talk Radio. Today, Ricky works on Foxboro Blog (New England Patriots) and at Yanks Go Yard (New York Yankees). He is a fan of the Patriots, Yankees, and the New York Knicks.

Over the last year, Ricky through the help of people at Life In Christ Ministries has been looking for a way to serve Jesus by writing about sports. This site gives him the chance to do that!

Follow me on Twitter: @Rickinator555

John D. Hayden – He was born and raised in southwest Kansas, went to college in Nebraska and now lives in Texas. He’s an obsessed basketball fan and his favorite month is March. He’s totally obsessed with the Kansas Jayhawks and wears a Jayhawk shirt about every day. He has both football and basketball coaching experiences in Oklahoma, Nebraska and now Texas.

He’s married and his family means more to him than anything else. He’s been a Campus Minister in Texas and has been a beat writer for high school football games in Oklahoma. John has also wrote recently for RSN and Swoosh Nation. He’s a big fan of college sports, the NFL (Oakland Raiders fan), the NBA (Thunder and Celtics), plus the Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves (MLB).

Now John is very excited to mix the two of the three things in his life that he’s very passionate about: Jesus and Sports. The third is his family.

Follow John on twitter: @jdhayden09

You can also contact the site via email: Jesusnsportswriters@yahoo.com

  1. Paige says:

    Hi John. Rock Chalk. 🙂

  2. Andy Clapp says:

    Dear Ricky and John,
    Hello! My name is Andy Clapp and I am a Christian author and a youth pastor. My first book was recently released and I would love the opportunity to be interviewed on your blog. The name of the book is “Under the Lights: Living Their Faith with Everyone Watching”. The book is a guide to becoming a better follower of Christ and in this book, I interviewed many professional baseball players to get their insights on each issue discussed in the book. The book addresses various aspects of the life of a Christian man and addresses many of the struggles that men deal with today including: Pride, Lack of Sacrifice, Accountability, Dealing with Failure, Temptation, Remembering the basics of Faith, etc. The book also has a 31-devotional to keep men focused on becoming a better follower of Christ for an entire month upon completion of the book. The goal is to get Christians to be better models of faith in today’s world as they realize that so many people are watching their every move, looking to see if they fall. The book is being published by Marshall Trumann Publishers.
    With the World Series just concluded, this is the perfect opportunity to talk about a current event while adding a spiritual tone to the conversation. I would love the opportunity to be interviewed on your blog and discuss my book. If you would like to schedule a time for an interview, you can email me at andywayneclapp@aol.com or call me at (336) 684-8512. Below, I included a list of the chapters in the book as well as the players interviewed in the book. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Andy Clapp

    Chapter 1 – Taking One For the Team – Sacrificing
    Chapter 2 – Game Seven of the World Series – Standing for faith in the big moments in life
    Chapter 3 – It Takes a Team to Win – Pride
    Chapter 4 – Strike Three – Dealing with Failure
    Chapter 5 – A Balanced Lineup Means Success – Finding Balance in Life
    Chapter 6 – Remember the Basics of the Game – Reflecting Upon the Basics of Faith
    Chapter 7 – The Battles We All Have to Face – Dealing with Temptation
    Chapter 8 – The World is Tuned In – Remembering that Other People are Watching us
    Chapter 9 – Traded in Mid-Season – Open to Being Moved By God
    Chapter 10 – Who’s In the Clubhouse – Needing Accountability in Our Lives
    Group Discussion Questions
    31-Day Devotional

    Major League Baseball Players interviewed include:
    Adam Wainwright
    Luke Scott
    Scott Brosius
    Dave Dravecky
    Justin Masterson
    Jamey Carroll
    Jeremy Affeldt
    Jake Westbrook
    Bret Butler
    Travis Fryman

    • Ricky Keeler says:

      Hey andy,
      Thank you for notifying us about your book. We would love to read it and talk to you about it. We will be sending you an email! You and your family have a Merry Christmas!

    • Andy,
      Thanks so much for sharing your heart and passion with us. We would love to read your book, is there a way we can get a copy of it? We would love to interview you about your book and your passion for Christ.

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