The Faith In Sports Show

Posted: May 7, 2012 by Ricky Keeler in Sports Devotionals

About three weeks ago, I recorded a special episode of Kickin’ It With Keeler on the radio station I have been blessed to be a part of (What’s Brewin’ In Sports). With the platform God has given me, I wanted to do a show to answer the questions that people have been pondering ever since Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin have become two of the most intriguing names in sports. I was joined by Bryce Johnson of Sports Spectrum and my friend, George Ippolito from to discuss some of these issues in a faith in sports roundtable!

On the link below, here are some of the topics we discuss in this one hour special:

  • Can Faith And Sports co-exist?
  • Tebow’s impact in New York! What lies ahead for him?
  • Image of Faith surrounding sports
  • The issue of divine intervention
  • How we can glorify God with any platform!

I pray that you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed recording the show. When I finished the show,I felt great because I got to honor God with the talent that He has graciously given me. Without Him, I am nothing. Hopefully, Lord Willing, in the future, we will bring some faith-oriented podcasts to Jesus N Sports. Until then, enjoy the link and God Bless!


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