Landen Lucas, the next KU Superstar.

Posted: March 6, 2012 by John D. Hayden in College Basketball, Interviews, Sports Devotionals


Landen Lucas will be a freshmen at Kansas University in the fall. He has committed to play for the Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball Team. We have heard all about his great athletic skills and will continue to hear about them and see them firsthand. Just check out to watch Landen excel on the basketball court. This story is not about his skills but about the most important part of his life, his faith and his walk with Christ.
Landen is from Portland, Oregon and will graduate from Westview High School in May. He just finished his high school basketball career and even tweeted this “Its crazy to think the next time I’ll be playing an official basketball game will be with Kansas!” Not only will KU get a great basketball player but will also get a great young man who strives to be like Jesus.
Landen chose Kansas because of the great coaching staff, the tradition and his opportunity to develop as a player and the chance to play. Watching videos of him score, rebound and defend show why Kansas fans are ready for him to come and continue the winning tradition.

I asked Landen some questions about his walk with Christ and his faith. Here are his answers:

Tell me about your spiritual journey in life:

Landen- I have always had had Christ in my life and I’m following his path to impact others through my talents.

When did you start your journey with Christ?

Landen- Every Sunday going to church ever since I could remember.

Is there someone who instilled your faith in you and who spiritually influences you?

Landen- My mom had a big role in it and so did my pastor. My mom always brings things back to God. Good or bad, and it really has made an impact on me.

Do you ever have to choose between faith and sports growing up and today?

Landen- Yes, just the normal perception of sports players makes it hard to chose what route to take in my spiritual life.

Is it hard to be a Christian and play high school sports?

Landen- Yes expectations make it very hard.

Does your teammates know you are a Christian?

Landen- Yeah I’m sure its pretty clear to them by now.

What church do you go to and are you involved in a youth ministry?

Landen- New Song since I was 3 and when I have time I try and get involved with it.

Has sports challenged your faith?

Landen- Yeah especially during the downs and times it was hard to believe and trust in Him.

Is it hard as a Christian athlete with temptations that are all around you?

Landen- Yes, many are put in front of you when you are in the spotlight and it’s one of the hardest things to resist them.

Are there other teammates who share your faith?

Landen -On my current team there are a few.

Can u tell me about a time where God has really impacted your life?

Landen- When I was out at Findlay away from my family in Vegas it helped a lot to have Him there.

What verse has been the most powerful to you with your walk with Christ and how has it?

Landen – “I can do all things through christ who strengthens me.” I’m never going to get a tattoo but if I did that would be it. It can be put in so many situations.

I have a 10 yr old son who plays basketball-what advice would you give him?

Landen- Stay focused. Don’t go with the crowd, people who arent conforming with the crowd go far on and off the court. An example on the court would be like when I was a kid focusing on rebounding even though everyone was worried about scoring more than anything.

So KU fans everywhere, are you ready for the next KU Superstar that not only will score on the court and rebound every ball but will serve Christ with all of his heart. This 6-10 and 240lb C/PF young man is ready to make it 9 straight Big 12 Championships with the rest of the team next season. So look out for #33 this fall living like Jesus on the KU campus and dominating in the Phog.

  1. Cynthia says:

    I am getting to know his mom. She is lovely. We are so excited about Landen and the fact that God is sending workers to the Harvest! Amen.

  2. Shea says:

    I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to know Landen and his family for about 8 years now. I met Landen as a skinny 6th grader out at Washington Family Ranch for a Young Life camp. From the start Shelley has made one thing very clear, God first, everything else second. With that kind of direction in the household Landen has continued to grow in his own walk. I cannot help but be impressed by the decisions he makes. I am so proud of Landen, and always will be, regardless of his production at Kansas.

    • Shea,
      Thank you do much for reading his story n sharing your story about Landen with us. Landen is about so much more than basketball, he has a greater purpose- to be a Shining Star for Christ on and off the KU campus. I’m blessed to share his story with others.

  3. I’m so proud to have coached this young man his junior year at Findlay Prep. He is a superb human being with a Mom who has a huge heart. I will be praying for his success and continued walk of faith.. I feel good that Landen will be one of our next generation of Role Models!! Keep up the good work..

    Jerome “JYD” Williams
    Head Player Development Coach
    Findlay Prep Pilots

    • Thanks Coach for reading his interview with us. Thanks for your comments about Landen. The more and more I hear about him makes me want to get to know him even better. I was blessed to interview him n look forward to watching him grow as a player and as a Christian.

  4. Rena Ball says:

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your articles, thanks for writing them. However, just a note, but it’s the “University of Kansas”, not “Kansas University”. Don’t know why the initials are backwards though. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri are also backwards like that. Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia are in the right order–i.e. IU=Indiana University.

  5. […] to Kansas University and is excited about putting on the Jayhawk jersey in the fall.  Read an interview that Lucas did with Jesus N’ Sports blog here.  He will start at Kansas next year. Here is what you can expect to see from him on the […]

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