Posted: February 1, 2012 by John D. Hayden in NFL, Sports Devotionals, Uncategorized

80 Yard Touchdown (Photo: Washington Post)

A few days ago, professional football fans saw one of the most exciting, improbable victories in its history climaxed by the stunning first play from scrimmage in overtime when Tebow hit Thomas for a playoff, overtime record 80 yards in a playoff, overtime record 11 seconds. Local play-by-play man Dave Logan’s call, which will likely go down in Bronco lore, captures how monumental it was for the underdog Denver team. If you watch ESPN, there will be several highlights of passes, runs, and defensive plays. However, without a doubt, the best play of the day happened up in the stands, almost on the front row in the seats at the 15 yard line. The game was tied, 23-23, and it was about 5:45 P.M. The outcome was completely unknown and very much in doubt. The last minute of regulation, alone, was a pins and needles affair. It was right about then that a Christian husband and father, a deacon in this congregation, told his son, “It’s time for us to go.” The son, a huge Tim Tebow and Broncos fan, was curious as to why. His dad explained, “We’ve got something more important to do.”

Wait a minute. What is more important than seeing on the biggest sports moments in this town in years? That father knew that the saints were assembling at 6:00 P.M., and he wanted his son to know that worshipping God was the highest priority. Here is a father who is raising his son to enjoy and appreciate those normal “guy things” that will be a source of entertainment for this young man for decades to come. But, he is also teaching him something infinitely more important! Those earthly diversions and entertainments are subordinate to “kingdom matters” (Mat. 6:33). This father was showing his son Who reigns on the throne of his heart. I pray that this man’s example will influence us all to remember what really matters most in the end.

Thanks, Dean! What a great “play”! by Neal Pollard

This article inspired me and made me ask myself the question, what is really important to me in my life? This father reminded me that worshipping God is more important than anything else I can do on a Sunday or Wednesday. There are so many times that we make everything else more important than our relationship with Christ. Here this father did the right thing even if they missed the best play in the game; he showed his son that God was so much more important than watching the Broncos win.

Is God reigning on the throne of our hearts or is success, money, sports, or anything else that we make more important reign there? What is really important to you? Is your salvation? Is your relationship with Christ? Is Worship, is bible class, is praying, and is studying God’s word important to you? We need to be examples to our kids and show them what should be important in our lives-Christ. This year let’s make Bible Class, Worship and our relationship with Christ more important than anything else we do. ~ John D. Hayden


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